Welcome To Tinsukia, A Brief Introduction

Welcome To Tinsukia, Assam, India . A brief Introduction.

Welcome To Tinsukia, A Brief Introduction :

Tinsukia is a business city in the Indian state of Assam. It is situated 480 kilometers (298 mi) north east of Guwahati. Hailed as the business capital of Assam, the place has a heady mix of Assamese, Bengali and Hindi-speaking people. The city is changing with the construction of numerous new malls and buildings. In ancient times Tinsukia was known as Bengmora. It was ruled by Sarbanada Singha, a Matak King. The present name of the place came from the Tinkunia Pukhuri (the pond with three sides) located at the heart of the city. Tinsukia is also a major railhead of Assam. Presently it houses the biggest railway junction of Assam. One can travel there either by train or by flight to Dibrugarh and then a taxi. Tinsukia acts as a link to many a towns of the north east of India.


The Dibru Saikhowa National Park situated adjacent to the city is one of the biggest national parks of India and is considered as one of the top Biological Hotspots of India. The mighty Brahmaputra at the northern border and the Dibru river at the southern, the park is literally an island which houses the iconic Feral horses, endangered White-winged Wood duck, the only ape in India, the Hoolock gibbon etc. among thousands of other flora and faunas. It is a bird-watcher's paradise .

The Shiv Dham is a big temple of Lord Shiva with a pond in the middle. The Tilinga Mandir (Bell temple), located at Bordubi, is another Shiva temple where thousands of people visit every day. This temple is famous for its numerous bells( Tilinga ) tied at the branches of a giant Peepal tree to fulfill their wishes. The Tea Estates are worth mentioning.

Tinsukia is located at  27.5°N 95.37°E. It has an average elevation of 116 meters (380 feet).

Considered as the commerce capital of Assam, the district is known for its best quality tea production, wood related products like Kitply, Merino ply, National ply etc. Chamber Road, situated at the center of the town, is the oldest area of business activities especially grocery.

Besides the above, a variety of shops are in this town dealing in garments, electronics, hardware for Tea industry, etc. The Rangagora Road and the G.N.B Road are full of Shops and Malls. Tinsukia boosts some of the finest malls and restaurants in upper Assam which are a good place to hang out with friends and family. The Daily Bazaar is the oldest market. It is spread over a large area where anyone can find many things of interest, like clothes, shoes and cosmetics. The Daily Bazar has also an exclusive fish and meat market; a choice place for those who like non-vegetarian food. Many shopping malls are growing up in the city namely Vishal Mega Mart, Big Bazaar, Atrium Mall etc. Another big mall named ATC Mall at G.N.B Road is recently opened is the first mall in upper Assam with all the modern features.

Tinsukia is well connected by air, national highway and railway. It is only 492 km by road from Guwahati, the Capital City of Assam. The nearest airport is at Mohanbari, Dibrugarh which is about 40 km from Tinsukia with daily connection from Delhi/Guwahati and Kolkata.

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